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School Uniform Kids Short Sleeve Interlock Polo Shirt by Tom Sawyer

School Uniform Kids Short Sleeve Interlock Polo Shirt by Tom Sawyer

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SUPER SOFT! This is a signature hello nella product, the interlock polo shirt! This polo shirt is cushiony soft! Our... Read more

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Welcome to our kids pique polo shirt. Lightweight, Breathable, and Comfortable. Our polo shirts are made of the highest quality to ensure they last all school year long! You will love our polo shirts. This polo shirt really breathes, to give your child the ultimate comfort all school day long. Make sure you pair our polo shirts with our pants, shorts, sweaters, and jackets! Shine your light all school year long with hello nella. You will love this polo shirt, we guarantee it! 

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Monday to Friday we schedule UPS pick ups for delivery if the product is in stock and exceptions on holidays. 4D School Logo, 1-3 days. Embroidery School Logo, please allow 10-14 days. If an order contain product(s) requiring a logo, then please allow the following time seen above depending on the type of logo. (3D or Embroidery).
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    • Machine Wash Cold With Like Colors
    • Gentle Wash Cycle. Must Wash Separately From General Clothing 
    • No Chlorine Bleach. Tumble Dry Low Heat 
    • Warm Iron if Needed
    • Shipped today? Order within: Dec 08, 2023 15:00:00 -0800
    Icon for speech_bubblesKids pique polo just for them

    Super soft interlock polo shirt. Heavyweight and soft. Perfect for any weather!

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    hello nella provides premium school uniforms for toddlers, elementrary school, middle school, and high school students. We provide only high quality school uniforms.

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    SUPER SOFT! This is a signature hello nella product, the interlock polo shirt! This polo shirt is cushiony soft! Our most popular polo shirt! This type of polo shirt was handpicked by us after a careful analysis! This polo shirt stays bright, stains wash out easily, and it stays true to size. Did we mention this polo shirt can perform? Oh Yes!

    This polo shirt can perform under any conditions! In essence, you get the softness of the polo shirt with all the durability and performance. In addition, yes there is more! The polo shirt is breathable, 60% cotton and 40% polyester. You get the fashion collar, top-stitched rib cuffs, and the super softness. Yes we know we mentioned softness again! Your child will love wearing this polo shirt to school. Make getting ready for school so much easier with hello nella. I think we have said enough about this polo shirt, lets get to some specific details about it: 

    • Cushiony soft, 60% Cotton 40% Polyester Interlock* Top-stitched Rib Cuffs
    • Resists shrinkage, fading and pilling
    • Enhanced fabric keeps colors true and resists stains
    • Machine wash.
    • Three Button Placket- Matching Buttons


    • Soft + Comfortable: Amazingly!
    • Durable + Performance: Yes!
    • Stain Resistant: Yes!
    • Pilling: No

    Pros and cons

    • Resists Pilling + Fading + Shrinking + Stains
    • Feminine Fit
    • Fights Wrinkles
    • Super Soft + Comfortable
    • Great Performance


    School Uniform Kids Short Sleeve Interlock Polo Shirt by Tom Sawyer

    School Uniform Kids Short Sleeve Interlock Polo Shirt by Tom Sawyer

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    • Thank you hello nella!!! Love the quality, lots of compliments!5/5 Martha Williams, Portland, Oregon
    • We love the dress!! She wears it everyday now! 5/5 Jamie Anderson, Minnesota
    • I hope our school switches to hello nella. We buy all of our plaid uniforms from hello nella! You guys have the best quality 5/5 Evelyn Hill, Little Rock, Arkansas
    • The best ever!! The service wonderful and she loved the skirt. I will be ordering from hello nella from now on. 5/5 Tony Lee, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    • First time leaving a review and I got to say I am very impressed with the quality. The fit was excellent as well. A school uniform shop that is on top of their game5/5 Lianna Davis, Tulsa, Oklahoma
    • Hello nella does not compare to other uniform stores. We have a local uniform vendor but it does not even compare to hello nella. I needed plaid 83 and it fit so well on my daughter and it was just beautiful on her!!5/5 Kenny Mitchell, Washington DC
    • hello nella are on top of their game!! Best online school uniform store ever!!5/5 Lucy Parker, Columbus, Ohio
    • Just wow!!! Thanks guys for such wonderful service!! She loved the skort!!5/5 Morgan Edwards, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Great polo shirts!! My son has been wearing them all week. I will be ordering more throughout the year. 5/5 Emma Morris, Jacksonville, Florida
    • I'm currently in the middle of my shopping for my daughter's uniform for the new school year. I wanted to put a quick review up here for anyone looking to buy a uniform. The first thing I looked at was the quality, and I have to say I'm impressed with the quality of the hello nella. Many school uniforms these days are made out of cheap thin material that stretches a lot. But this uniform seems to be made of a nice quality material. Great job hello nella5/5 Gianna Cooper, Topeka, Kansas
    • Comfortable, stylish, and fits excellent!! It is super high quality5/5 Sofia Ward, Salt Lake City, Utah
    • The skirt is great, it is made great and is not that short. My daughter is skinny and tall and the length is great!!5/5 Riley Sanders, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    • The plaid skirt fit was perfect! I bought 3 of them and she loved them. Love hello nella!!5/5 Gina Henderson, Columbia, South Carolina
    • The very best!!!5/5 Maya E, Phoenix, Arizona 
    • Love the adjustable waistband on the skirt. Its cute. The skirt is very well made and the color is just amazing!! Top school uniform company 5/5 Alex Patterson, Spokane, Washington
    • hello nella is the real deal!! They really know their school uniforms. I bought a few items and fell in love with each and everyone. I absolutely love the dress!! It is my favorite!5/5 Allison Whitney, San Diego, California
    • As soon as felt the skirt you could feel the quality. It had an amazing hand feel and looks great on my little girl!! hello nella!!5/5 Danielle Flores, Miami, Florida
    • The service was on point and I received my school uniforms super fast. Finally a school uniform company you can rely on. 5/5 Claire Reynolds, Ann Arbor, Michigan
    • This is the top school uniform company in the nation!! Shipping was quick 5/5 Natalia Gibson, Indianapolis, Indiana
    • The skirt is the class of the class. They are super cute. Thank you hello nella for everything!5/5 Frank Marshall, New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Great fit and it is super comfy. My daughter loves it. Very cute and worth every penny!!5/5 Sarah Guzman, Tampa Bay, Florida
    • The plaid material is so beautiful!! We bought 3 more because we loved it so much! Thank you hello nella!! You are on top of your game!5/5 Maya Flores, Austin, Texas
    • Great fitting and looks gorgeous. Service was fast, I definitely recommend hello nella to all my friends!5/5 Carla Miller, Jackson, Mississippi
    • Switching to hello nella is one of the best decisions I have made as a school administrator. They really are the best in school uniforms.5/5 Mary Nelson, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    • Top quality uniforms and the service was just the best of the best. Thank you hello nella for everything!!5/5 Adriana Brooks, Louisville, Kentucky
    • Love hello nella!! Everything I received is outstanding quality and could not believe how beautiful my daughter looks in the dress. The best in the west! hello nella 5/5 Wendy Davis, Seattle, Washington
    • The plaid skirt looks so cute on my daughter! I wish I knew you about you guys earlier. Thank you for such fast shipping!!5/5 Monica Garcia, Dallas, Texas
    • I absolutely love hello nella. Everything they carry is top quality! At the end of the day that's all that matters. I have too many things going on in daily life with a first grader to be buying uniforms every 4 months or so. 5/5 Samantha Young, Sacramento, California
    • Amazing Fabric!!!5/5 Chloe Johnson, Phoenix, Arizona
    • Absolutely love the girls polo shirt! It is super soft. My daughter keeps it on all day long and it is sturdy! 5/5 Megan Harris, Alabama
    • hello nella is the best school uniform online store in the nation!! This is my third time in one month ordering just because I love the material so much. 5/5 Kelly Davis, Boise, Idaho
    • Amazing navy skirt and skort!!5/5 Claudia Brown, New York
    • The plaid 83 I ordered was the best plaid 83 I have ever seen in my life. It cannot be even compared to the other school uniform company we use to work with! Thank you hello nella!!5/5 Riley Wright, North Dakota
    • Every time my package comes in from hello nella I get so excited!! Love the packaging they do! It is so cute. This is the only school uniform company I shop at. 5/5 Maya Rivera, Miami, Florida
    • Hello Nella has the best quality ever!! I would never shop anywhere else5/5 Diana Sanders, Kansas City, Missouri
    • I am so happy we finally have a quality and high end school uniform store. Thank you hello nella for making my life so easy!5/5 Kelly Williams, Buffalo, New York
    • Amazing fitting!! Thank you hello nella5/5 Natalie Dotson, Houston, Texas
    • The plaid skort is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for all your help hello nella5/5 Morgan Baker, Cincinnati, Ohio
    • hello nella has the best looking and best fitting jumper in the world! The color is just so gorgeous. We were so exciting once we opened the package saw the jumper! I will be buying some more this week!5/5 Bianca Hill, Baltimore, Maryland
    • The best in school uniforms!! hello nella!!5/5 Deana Turner, Chicago, Illinois
    • Love the fitting on the skirt!!5/5 Bailey Edwards, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • The plaid jumpers are really soft!! We also bought 2 plaid skirts and they are beyond our expectations. Wow!5/5 Gina Murphy, Boston, Massachusetts
    • Our school switched over to hello nella and it was the best decision they ever did! I love everything about hello nella. They are all about quality and it shows!5/5 Gabriella Ramos, Phoenix, Arizona
    • hello nella is just great!! 5/5 Sherry Hughes, Cleveland, Ohio
    • Thank you for such excellent quality school uniforms. She abostely loves the plaid skirt! Its her favorite uniform to wear to school. Hello nella is for sure the place to go to. 5/5 Nathan Bennett, Green Bay, Wisconsin
    • My daughter gets so many compliments on her plaid dress. Our school will be switching next month to hello nella! We are really excited!5/5 Olivia Sullivan, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    • The fitting on the dress was perfect! Thank you hello nella. What was even better was the quality of the material. We have never seen anything like it!! Thank you hello nella!5/5 Wendy Davis, Kansas City, Missouri
    • The fabric on the skirt is top of the line! Never have I seen a fabric that high in quality. Hello Nella is the best online school uniform shop. 5/5 Lindsey Gordon, Miami, Florida
    • I am so happy our school switched to hello nella. The quality of the school uniforms is top notch and the service is just so amazing! More and more schools are beginning to switch to hello nella. 5/5 Monica Miller, Little Rock, Arkansas

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