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School Uniform Girls Plaid Jumper Top of The Knee Plaid #83 by hello nella

School Uniform Girls Plaid Jumper Top of The Knee Plaid #83 by hello nella

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Super soft and lightweight! What a combination! This is our signature product, The Plaid Jumper.  You know how jumpers hold... Read more

Signature hello nella productSignature hello nella product

The Ritz Carlton of all plaids. Your school will really stand out with this beautiful plaid. This plaid gives off the image of a lavish, high prestige school. Luxury on luxury. The Ferrari of all plaids! The cream of the crop school. Sophisticated, high class, first class, and flat out flair. You will get compliments on this one, we guarantee it.

Our hello nella jumpers are one of a kind. We are not just saying that, we truly believe it. Our super super soft material make this skort so comfortable to wear! No other jumper in the market is this soft! Not only that, are polyester shiny lining inside is comfortable, and stops all clings! You know how some jumpers cling to the shirt underneath? Not with hello nella! Our jumpers have a special shiny lining inside to put an end to clings! The colors of are plaids are vivid, vibrant, and bright. The plaid will really stands out in a room! Do not just take our word for it, try it yourself. Did we mention all the lines on our plaids match? Yes they do, we paid close attention to our design and made sure all the lines and checkered patterns on the plaid match symmetrically. The super cute plaid jumper by hello nella! 3 in 1 Jumper. Shiny lining inside, back invisible zipper, and the matching plaid lines.

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    • Machine Wash Cold With Like Colors
    • Gentle Wash Cycle. Must Wash Separately From General Clothing 
    • No Chlorine Bleach. Tumble Dry Low Heat 
    • Warm Iron if Needed
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      This jumper is super super soft and lightweight. We have paid attention to detail in getting the jumper exactly right. This is the softest and lightest jumper in the market! The plaid colors are vibrant, vivid and bright. We have perfected the polyester lining inside to stop all clinging to her blouse or feminine polo shirt underneath. The lining inside is shiny and super comfortable to wear. Do not forget we have machined all the lines symmetrically with all of our plaids. We added the back invisible zipper to make it easy to get ready for school in the morning. This is our favorite product. It is just gorgeous in person. You will love it, we guarantee it.  

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      Super soft and lightweight! What a combination! This is our signature product, The Plaid Jumper.  You know how jumpers hold onto clothes worn underneath? Not with hello nella. Our Jumpers are made with above the waist lining that will leave your child free of clinging! No clings here! Edge stitching at the armholes and neckline to keep the lining in place and an invisible back zipper. This jumper fights wrinkles so she gets that fresh morning feeling all day long at school. The invisible back zipper make getting ready for school so much easier! Get that first day of look all school year long with hello nella. We have redesigned this jumper by changing the material to super soft and lighter than ever before! Even the plaid colors are bright and vivid to really have her standing out from the rest.

      We almost forgot to tell you! The polyester rayon material is like nothing else in the market. It is flat out special. It is super super soft, and the lightest weight jumper ever made. The thickness of the jumper is superb! We have accomplished the best weight and thickness ratio of our jumpers. Through months of redesigning, we have accomplished a really special jumper. The inside jumper lining was handpicked by hello nella, so you can be assured you're getting the best jumper. The back invisible zipper is one of a kind, each piece of this jumper was analyzed and researched to give you the best. Do not just take our word for it, try it yourself! Get the camera ready, because once she wears hello nella she'll really stand out from the crowd.  

      Are you entertained yet? Keep on reading! 

      The colors were redesigned to bring out the very best in the plaid colors. Everything about this jumper has been redesigned for comfort, sizing, and aesthetics. School is a time for learning and not to feel uncomfortable in school uniforms. This is the best jumper in the market today, and we are so proud of this product. We promise you will love this jumper as much as we do. This is our prize possession! The plaid jumper is our favorite item at hello nella. This is the item that started it all at hello nella. She will love the comfort with this dress and she would want to wear this everyday to school! Stand out from the crowd with hello nella. Now lets get to the product description: 

      • 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon
      • 100% Polyester Lining
      • Super Lightweight
      • Soft to the Touch
      • Excellent Wrinkle Effect
      • Super soft and Lightweight
      • Back Zipper


        • Matching Lines: Yes! Our Plaid Lines Match Symmetrically
        • Polyester Lining: Yes Inside! No Clings!
        • More Lining: Shiny Comfortable Lining Inside!
        • Lightweight: Super Super!
        • Zipper: Invisible Back Zipper!
        • Quality: Superb!
        • Soft: Super Super!
        • Soft + Comfortable: Yes!
        • Plaid: Vivid + Vibrant + Bright Plaid Colors

        Pros and cons

        • Matching Symmetrical Plaid Lines Top to Bottom
        • Polyester Lining Inside To Stop All Clings
        • Shiny Lining Inside
        • Invisible Back Zipper
        • Super Lightweight + Fights Wrinkles
        • Vivid + Vibrant Plaid Colors

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